What Can You Put On A Taco?

From ground meat and guacamole to roasted corn and pico de gallo, here are a variety of delicious taco garnishes for your next Mexican celebration. So, what can you put on a taco?

Tacos are an enjoyable and exciting dish to serve at a party or even on a Tuesday night at home. It offers an exquisite balance of enticing flavors and textures to satisfy those with rumbling stomachs.

The greatest thing about them is how simple it is to prepare them. Arrange all the ingredients on the table, and you have a festive taco bar for your family to enjoy. It’s a beautiful arrangement because everyone can choose their preferred toppings.

Here are several excellent taco toppings for your Mexican celebration. Those toppings are bound to satisfy if you use fluffy or hard-shell tacos.

10 Taco Fillings That Will Rock Your Taco

Here are the 10 taco fillings that will rock your taco:

1. Lean beef

Let’s begin with this indispensable component. A taco cannot be considered a taco unless it contains flesh.

When it comes to the dish’s primary protein, you can go right with ground beef, pork, or poultry that has been seasoned. Moreover, sautéed fish fillet is also an excellent option. However, because it is more delicate than other meats, you may wish to reserve it for more intimate gatherings.

2. Lettuce

Up next is lettuce. This verdant vegetable adds texture and color to your tacos. In addition, it provides a healthful contrast to the dish’s rich components.

However, make sure to limit yourself to the standard green lettuce. Give your tacos a fantastic mix of colors using purple and red lettuce!

In addition to lettuce, cabbage could be used as an even healthier substitute.

 3. Salsa

This tomato-onion-cilantro marinade is a traditional Mexican dish. It imparts a bright and zesty flavor that makes everything, particularly tacos, delicious.

Creating salsa from scratch is also incredibly simple. Combine the three primary ingredients with lime juice, salt, and pepper. Depending on how coarse or silky you want your salsa to be, blend it. I prefer mine chunky, so I do not puree it; instead, I stir it.

4. Guacamole

Guacamole is another taco topping staple. This rich hazelnut spread is so irresistible that I must have it on top of and surrounding my tacos.

The most significant aspect of guacamole is its simplicity of preparation. Combine avocados, tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, and lime juice in a blender. Others prefer their guacamole creamy, while others prefer it chunky. What I enjoy most about making guacamole at home is that I can mash the mixture to the desired consistency.

5. Pico de Gallo

Tomatoes, cilantro, serrano peppers, onions, and lime juice make up pico de gallo. Now, isn’t that also what goes into salsa? What, then, is the difference?

Pico de gallo Is a type of salsa. It is also known as salsa fresco, a chunkier variation of the familiar thin and soupy salsa. In addition to being used as a taco garnish, you can eat it on its own or with meat and salad.

6. Tomatoes

Although many people consider tomatoes to be vegetables, they are fruits! Indeed, these gorgeous crimson fruits are technically berries. Not only are they nutritious and attractive, but they are also fragrant, juicy, and indispensable to tacos.

7. Rice

Rice is your most excellent protection when feeding a large crowd. If you use this starch as a taco topping, your visitors will be satisfied and satisfied in no time.

Even though rice is somewhat bland, it readily absorbs spices and seasonings, making it simple to flavor.

For instance, putting lime juice and cilantro on steamed rice will make the dish more vibrant and thrilling. In addition, you already know that cilantro and lime complement tacos well, so you’re on the correct track.

8. Acidic Cream

Want a more tangy and creamy taco? You must have sour cream, then. This dressing’s trace of sourness enhances the flavor of taco toppings. One spoonful of this irresistible cream is more than sufficient!

However, sour cream is not the healthiest ingredient due to its high lipid content. In actuality, it contains an astounding 18% butterfat. Plain yogurt is a better alternative to flavored yogurt. It’s still delicious but with less cholesterol.

9. Hot Sauce

If you want to give your tacos a pleasant kick, drizzle some of this spicy condiment all over them! It is up to you to determine which flavor and heat levels you can manage among the variety of hot sauces available.

Harissa, for instance, is a Tunisian spicy sauce comprised of dried chilies, paprika, caraway, tomatoes, and hot oil. In addition to the spiciness, it has a smokey flavor.

Another condiment is Sriracha, a Thai condiment with an exquisite balance of sourness and sweetness. Moreover, it unquestionably delivers the heat.

10. Cilantro

Many individuals frequently confuse cilantro for coriander. If these two confound you, clarify: they are derived from the same plant. Cilantro refers to the stems and foliage, while coriander refers to the seeds.

I will never comprehend why distinct parts have different names! I only know that cilantro lends tacos a wonderful herbaceous flavor and vibrant color.

The world of taco garnishes is a playground for the senses. The flavor profile of your taco is limited only by your imagination, from conventional ingredients such as lettuce, cheese, and salsa to daring additions such as avocado, pineapple, and pickled onions. Tailor your tacos to your preferences and savor the limitless combinations.

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