Southwest Will Reintroduce Food and Snacks on Some Flights

Southwest Airlines has reinstated one familiar touch: the beverage and snack service. This comes at a time when airlines all around the globe are struggling to figure out how to return to a semblance of routine.

According to Southwest’s website, beginning on Friday, the airline will resume offering beverages and snacks to passengers on flights that are longer than 250 miles by making the change. Initially, a selection of cans of water with straws and a packet of snack mix will be available, and glasses of ice will be offered upon request. There will be no provision for alcoholic beverages.

“Southwest Customers to enjoy being offered a beverage and snack while flying, so we looking forward to introducing this tweaked service while also supporting the well and being of Customers & Crews by limiting touchpoints within cabin during this unprecedented time,” a spokesperson stated in an email sent to Travel + Travel and Leisure.

Pretzels, cheddar cheese squares, and ranch bagel chips are some of the favorites that will be included in the snack mix, according to the confirmation.

After suspending its in-flight beverage and food service in March, Southwest Airlines decided to reinstate it. During that time, the airline was only providing customers with cans of water upon request to reduce the amount of interaction between flight attendants and passengers.

Southwest Airlines has announced that it intends to restart international flights to destinations in Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, and the Bahamas beginning next month. This is part of the airline’s ongoing efforts to return to some regular travel.

To reassure consumers, the airline has prioritized cleanliness. This includes increasing the use of hospital-grade disinfectant in areas such as the cabin and the restrooms and spraying disinfectant on high-touch surfaces such as tray tables, armrests, seat belts, and overhead bin handles before each flight. Additionally, the airline provides hand sanitizer at airports and wipes aboard for passengers to use.

Bringing back a version of food and drinks aboard is not something Southwest is the only airline doing. United Airlines announced earlier this week that it would be introducing an”‘all in one’ economy snack bag,” consisting of a bottle of water, a Stroopwafel, pretzels, and a sanitizing wipe. This bag will be available on domestic flights that are at least two hours and twenty minutes long.

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