10 Side Dishes That Go With Chicken And Dumplings

On rainy days or cold winter evenings, one of my favorite comfort foods to serve is chicken and dumplings. This broth is brimming with flavor and texture thanks to the tender chicken, chewy and airy dumplings, and crunchy vegetables. So, 10 side dishes that go with chicken and dumplings.

Homemade chicken and dumplings are the quintessential comfort dish, ideal for a hearty dinner. Like another traditional classic, chicken pot pie is filled with juicy chicken and vegetables in a rich, creamy sauce.

You want to know what to serve with the Chicken and Dumpling Recipe. With its dumplings, they all complement the delicious, creamy chicken soup that makes a fantastic main dish. It is the ultimate recipe for comfort cuisine.

What To Serve side dishes With Chicken and Dumplings?

Here are multiple options to serve side dishes with chicken and dumplings:

1. Cornbread

Cornbread and bouillon are the ideal combination. It is especially true of poultry and dumplings. Cornbread made with soft butter is ideal for sopping up that creamy broth. These two Southern dishes are a perfect complement.

2. A salad of fresh greens

We are all aware that chicken and dumplings could be more nutritious and calorie-conscious. It contains some healthy ingredients, but the cream adds quite a bit of fat, so combine it with something more beneficial and lighter.

And what companion dish is more nutritious than a fresh green salad? Not only is it healthy and delectable, but it also adds a pleasant crunch to the soup. Moreover, it is so simple to prepare!

You may use whatever greens, almonds, vegetables, and cheese you desire, but I recommend dressing it with a tangy vinaigrette. Chicken and dumplings are already so rich you’ll want something piquant to cut through that umami flavor.

3. Brussels Sprouts

Would you believe I said Brussels sprouts are my favorite comfort food? Yes, I despised them as a child, but it’s not their problem!

Age has taught me that proper heating and preparation is the secret to sweet, crunchy Brussels sprouts.

Try roasting them for 20 to 40 minutes, and I am confident that you, like me, will change your mind. Did I mention how delicious they are with chicken and dumplings?

4. Green Beans

In addition to being crisp and nutritious, green beans add color to your dish. You can always sauté the green beans and consider the day done. However, they taste even better when seasoned with balsamic vinegar, chicken broth (or a substitute for chicken broth), sugar, shallots, and butter. Yum.

5. Grape salad

Here’s another fruity side dish that’s both revitalizing and beautiful. Grapes are excellent for more than just making wine and juice. They also create a delicious salad that complements chicken and dumplings.

And it’s simple to prepare as well. You only need to combine sour cream, cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla. Refrigerate the grapes for one hour after coating them with this unique mixture. Add pecans and brown sugar just before serving.

6. Fried Apples

Occasionally, a creamy soup requires a sweet accompaniment to temper its richness. In my opinion, nothing works better than a simple entrée of fried apples. In addition to providing a lovely contrast to the broth, it also provides a pleasant crunch.

In addition, you can be something other than a kitchen pro to accomplish this. Combine sliced apples with brown or white sugar in a skillet. Set the apples to cook for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent adhering.

Add additional sugar and cinnamon, simmer for five minutes, and voila! A delightfully sugary side dish.

7. Corn Pudding

In addition to fried apples, maize pudding pairs well with chicken and dumplings. This corn-based flan is silky, milky, creamy, and delectable. Its mild sweetness balances the soup’s richness, resulting in a well-rounded lunch.

8. Brownies with Ice Cream

If you have a sweet appetite like I, you will only finish a meal with dessert. With chicken and dumplings, I like an equally soothing dessert. And what more shouts comfort food than brownies served with ice cream?

Imagine a warm, luscious, and moist brownie topped with cold and sugary vanilla ice cream.

9. Chocolate Mousse

There is no better way to conclude a rich and creamy supper than with a decadent dessert.

Chocolate mousse is an additional dessert that shouts decadence. No matter how it’s prepared, it always tastes incredible. It’s excellent whether it’s light and airy or thick and creamy.

10. Banana Pudding

However, if you’re not a fan of chocolate, there are other sweet methods to complete your chicken and dumplings meal.

Serving and consuming banana pudding is an excellent option. This confection is sweet and refreshing with layers of custard, cookies, and ripe bananas. It’s a fantastic way to conclude your incredible dinner.

The discipline of pairing chicken and dumplings with side dishes is about achieving culinary harmony. The goal is to achieve a balance between traditional comfort foods like mashed potatoes and buttered corn, fresh salads, and steamed vegetables. These side dishes enhance the experience by providing contrasting textures and flavors that complement the rich and substantial chicken and dumplings.

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